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Hobby store for everyone's creative hobby life.
Various hobbies from all over the world

Starting a new hobby should be simple.

Take a look around and find a new hobby that

suits your interests.

All you need is in the box. You just need to get started.

You can become a creator by learning a new hobby.

Be your own creator and create a side job

in the near future.

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Our lives are very busy.

If you ask me what my hobbies are, it seems like I've been forgetting about them for a while.

We want to be a little pleasure in your life.


We need to define our 'hobbies' well in life.

Cooling and emptying your head so you can fill up with better and productive things.

Also, these days, a hobby does not end as a hobby, but becomes another productive means.

Learn and be a writer yourself. Open classes, teach, and sell your own DIYs.


X lounge will continue to transform to become such a space.

You just need to start now.

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Find a wide range of hobby kits that best fit your interests!

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On&Offline classes are coming.
Upgrade your hobby to the next level and become a master!

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