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3D Art sticker Full Set + Gel nail basic Full Set



C o m p o n e n t s


1. Gel lamp

2. 3 Colour gel

Red, Hot pink, Sweet peach

3. Base gel

4. Super Top gel

5. Gel cleanser

6. Gel remover

7. 12 kinds of 3D deco stickers

It can stand out more with the convex three-dimensional effect, and it is easy to attach and light.

8. 3 types of glitters (Colours are included randomly)

You can look prettier if you put glitter on top of the color gel and then apply top gel or clear gel.

9. Tweezer

10. Wood pile

11. Wood stick

12. X Lounge's Manual



* F R E E  D E L I V E R Y - NZ WIDE!

3D Deco Gel Nail Kit Full Set