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Making Moss Frame Clay Color Form Clay Art
Color Foam Moss Frame - 5 types


Frame made of colored foam clay containing small Styrofoam grains and moss.



The soft and elastic clay with vivid colours becomes lighter as it dries in the air and bounces off the floor.


It is a fragrance-free product that is safe for children to play with.

You can enjoy a fun tactile play by kneading the color foam clay where the foam grains are touched.

It can help develop fine motor skills and creativity by decorating a moss frame.


Glue the moss on the pattern and decorate it with color foam clay to make the one and only moss frame 🎁


 * This page contains staged photos for better understanding.



  • Level of Difficulty ★★☆☆☆
  • Age Suitability 3yrs+




Chick / Bear / Cactus / Flower / Tree



Frame design, moss, double-sided tape, 5 colors of foam clay, zipper bag, instruction paper


  • Wood pattern : 9.5 * 14.5 cm / 11.5 * 14.5 cm
  • Clay : 1 pack - 8 * 10.5 cm / 10g


* The clay package design may change depending on the circumstances of the manufacturer.




  1. Moss is shipped with impurities removed as much as possible. Please note that the color of the upper and lower parts of the moss may not be uniform, and the darkened part of the root is a natural phenomenon and is not rotten or damaged.
  2. Please be careful as some pigments may come off during operation. (Caution of color change)
  3. Never water. When the moss gets wet, it hardens.


What’s special about X Lounge's Clay


It is a special clay made of foam grains, and as it dries, it becomes more elastic, so it bounces off and becomes lighter.


It is easy to attach to paper or wood, so various making activities are possible.

Colour Foam Moss Frame DIY Kit / Clay Art / Home deco DIY

    • Manufactured by Minhwa Shop
    • Made in South Korea (Clay), China (Design paper)
    • Material: Wood, Clay, Moss
    • Volume:  Clay 10g per colour / Total 50g
    • Size: 11 * 14 * 6 cm (L*H*W)
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