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Colour Foam Clay Art - Welcome Wreath DIY Kit

X Lounge’s Welcome Wreath DIY Kit you can creatively completed with color foam clay containing small Styrofoam granules


The soft and elastic color foam with vivid colors becomes lighter as it dries in the air and bounces off the floor.


It is a fragrance-free product which is safe for children to play with.


You can enjoy a fun tactile play by kneading and touching the foam colour clay with foam grains. Also good to strengthen your small muscle skills through this whole play time. By mixing and arranging colours, promote your dormant creativity!


Create your own wreath using our welcome wreath DIY Kit and create a dazzling atmosphere.


  • Level of Difficulty ★☆☆☆
  • Age Suitability 8yrs+



What’s special about X Lounge's Clay


It is a special clay made of foam grains, and as it dries, it becomes more elastic, so it bounces off and becomes lighter.


It is easy to attach to paper or wood, so various making activities are possible.

Welcome Wreath - Clay Art / Home deco DIY

    • Manufactured by Minhwa Shop
    • Made in South Korea (Clay), China (Design paper)
    • Material: Wood, Clay, Composite metal
    • Volume:  Clay 10g per colour / Total 40g
    • Size: 28* 20 cm (when completed)
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