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Macrame Keyring Making DIY Kit

Learn Macrame and make your own Macrame Keyring.

Instruction Included.


Make out your own key ring by knotting the thread with DIY Macrame Key ring Kit.


This package includes a thread, a wooden frame, and a key ring.

The making order and method are detailed on the instruction sheet included in the package, so even beginners can complete the product without difficulty.


Feel the little happiness in your daily life with the Macrame Key Ring Kit.


Each design has its own warm meaning.


1. Heart - A pure heart with white

2. Dreamcatcher - A dreamcatcher that lets you only have good dreams

3. Daisy - Daisy flower symbolising peace and hope



1. Heart: Macrame thread 5m, Colour thread 1m, Wooden frame, Key ring, Wood beads

2. Dreamcatcher: Macrame thread 5m, Colour thread 1m, Wooden frame, Key ring, Wood beads, Urethane thread 1m, Seed beads
3. Daisy Flower: White thread 1m, Pale purple colour thread 1.5m, Yellow thread 0.3m, Lace 0.3m, Key ring, 3 Double rings


* If you connect a long thread instead of a key ring, it can be used for vehicles and interiors.



  • Due to the nature of the thread, there may be looseness at the bottom, but this is a natural phenomenon.
  • All yarns may be old or slightly dirty depending on the production process.
  • Due to the nature of the product, there may be an error of 1-2mm depending on the measurement location.
  • Colors may look different depending on the monitor manufacturer, resolution and age.
  • Due to the nature of the product, some of the subsidiary materials may be changed.
  • Due to the manufacturing process of this product, there may be slight differences in the location of the perforations and the colour of the thread.
  • This page contains staged photos for better understanding.
  • Please note that the above is not a reason for return or exchange.



Inquiry for bulk purchase / customised product 

If you like to purchase the product in bulk, or if you need a customised design, please contact us in the chat at the bottom right and we will help :)


Macrame Keyring DIY Kit

    • Component & Size : See product detail
    • Manufactured by Minhwa Shop
    • Made in China
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