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Learn Macrame and make your own Macrame Wallhanging.

Instruction sheet + Video included.


Making rainbow macrame wall hangings!

DIY rainbow macrame wall hangings that are completed by directly knotting the thread


This is a rainbow macrame wall hanging kit that consists of a thread, a needle, and a pompom.
As for the package components, the order and method of making macrame wall hangings are detailed on the instruction sheet, so even beginners who are just starting out can complete the product without difficulty.


After completion, it can be used as emotional interior accessories such as decorating children's rooms and camping accessories, and it is also good to make your own and present it as a more meaningful product.

Feel the little happiness in your daily life that is repeated with this rainbow macrame wall hanging kit.


* This page contains staged photos to help you understand.



  • Use the components freely to complete rainbow macrame wall hangings in various ways.
  • You can create a more emotional atmosphere by using a wire light bulb.



Thick thread, colored thread, white thread, pompom balls, bodkin, needle, instruction sheet




  • Due to the nature of the thread, there may be looseness at the bottom, but this is a natural phenomenon.
  • All yarns may be old or slightly dirty depending on the production process.
  • Due to the nature of the product, there may be an error of 1-2mm depending on the measurement location.
  • Colors may look different depending on the monitor manufacturer, resolution and age.
  • Due to the nature of the product, some of the subsidiary materials may be changed.
  • Due to the manufacturing process of this product, there may be slight differences in the location of the perforations and the colour of the thread.
  • This page contains staged photos for better understanding.
  • Please note that the above is not a reason for return or exchange.



Inquiry for bulk purchase / customised product 

If you like to purchase the product in bulk, or if you need a customised design, please contact us in the chat at the bottom right and we will help :)


Macrame Rainbow Wallhanging DIY Kit

    • Component & Size : See product detail
    • Manufactured by Minhwa Shop
    • Made in China
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